Be Encouraging and Uplifting

God’s word is full of examples of encouragement and likewise directs us to encourage, edify, and uplift the people with which we engage daily. ¬†Every day presents a chance to have a positive impact on the lives of the people around us, and we must take advantage of every opportunity. Words are very powerful.

Gossip and Idle Chatter

The trouble, pain, hurt feelings, and ruined relationships from gossip and unhealthy conversation has been felt by virtually every person I know. Unfortunately, in today’s world of reality shows and social media, it seems as though this is an accepted way of life, not the awful sin that causes terrible destruction in many lives. Maybe that’s why the Book of Proverbs is full of verses about gossip and unhealthy conversation.

Accepting Instruction / Correction / Ideas

We receive directions and corrections from two different sources, from God and from the people we interact with daily. First, we all understand that God gives us instructions, directions, and guidelines that are communicated through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, Bible studies, sermons, etc.

Planning and Goal Setting

We usually associate topics like planning and goal setting with business strategies, not casual conversation or everyday communications. However, making plans for certain conversations is a key ingredient in quality communication. Many times we go into a conversation with a specific result in mind, but we have not clearly defined how to achieve this result.

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